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City Place Mall, pedestrian bridge. each pane about 5'x5'
La Madeleine French bakery & Café, DC area market
Windows are painted on the inside. The paint washes off with water and a careful razor blade, Don't use a scrubby sponge!

How to Get Your Windows Painted
Gnarly works in the DC Metro and Central Maryland areas. Special arrangements need to be made or many windows will need to be painted for long distance jobs. For example, the La Madeleine restaurants above are a small chain of 8 in the DC area.

• What do you want to portray? (holiday themes, special promotions, new items, etc.)
• What design elements do you want shown? Basically, do you have an idea of what you want us to paint? If not we'll help you come up with something creative and original.

Remember to contract your job far enough in advance, especially holiday promotions. For example, Christmas promotions start around Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day around Mid- January. There's also the design prep time, especially if you're a first time customer. The earlier you contact us, the sooner you'll get your painting up!

Have all posters, tape and unwanted stuff off the window. The inside of the window must be accessible.

Any and all other questions can be answered quickly by email or the toll free number above.